Initiation of inner change center


Let us begin to work together for joyful life. Let us learn about problems, pain and miseries of the society. We are running to learning programmes “Introspection” and “Self-Observation” in field of social work “Community Service Internship”, “Mangal Gram” and “Health Camp”. In addition to them we are also running consultation namely “Are you in happy Need Help”. We welcome you join us

It is obvious that for achieving peace we must know/understand ourselves. The centre offers two learning programmes “Introspection and Self Observation” you are welcome to join.

But before Joining us please consider if you know yourself fully or partially then don’t join us, because you, your self is able to move further, we will only have arguments no communication is possible between us.

If you don’t know any thing about your self don’t join us as we be able help you as you don’t need to know yourself.

But if you are interested in knowing and learning about your self, you aree ready to change and examine your beliefs, traditions, ideologies, prejudices, principles and then then join us, as we also want to learn. We together may learn, we may find what is living and what is death but before we begin our journey to learn our self g our communication, in our learning programmes.

Initiation of inner change center