Initiation of inner change center

Mangal Gram

Mangal Gram is based on following concepts

  • A person can be happy only when he listens to his inner voice, make decisions on its basis and act accordingly.
  • The inner voice of a person can neither be an obstacle to his inner and external growth nor lead him/her to wrong path.
  • It is true that for fulfilling happy life, external well-being is necessary along with internal well-being.
  • Now a days people are making decisions on the basis of convenience in place of conscience resulting in to stress and tension both in the society and individuals. It is also affecting the physical growth adversely. We believe that man may become capable of taking decisions on the basis of inner listening by practice and understanding of it and when it becomes the habit of majority of people in a society, positive change is inevitable.
  • Internal well-being does not stop or hinder physical and external development, but helps remove obstacles of physical development and enhances it.

On the basis of above 5 concepts it is resolved to implement Mangal Gram Project with the active, moral and financial support of people desiring holistic development of the society.

To implement Mangal Gram project two groups will be formed

Group 1

In group1, 5 to 10 young or middle aged energetic people of the village will be selected who

  • Have positive thinking
  • Are Creative
  • Are acceptable to villagers

The responsibility of this group is that its members first will bring positive change in themselves by practising “Self-Observation (inner listening). For this, the group member will be given training on Self-Observation. The training will be given by energetic trained resource persons.

After the training the group members will themselves practice Self Observation and try to inculcate following attributes

  • G - Gratitude
  • R - Relationship
  • E - Emotion
  • A - Awareness
  • T - Trust
  • F - Forgiveness
  • R - Resilience
  • A - Acceptance
  • M - Meaning (purpose)
  • E - Exercising/ Health

  • G - Giving
  • E - Empathy
  • L - Learning listening and love

When they absorbs above attributes they will transmit them to the villagers with the help of Self-observation. We will try that all people’s representatives and government employees also make self-observation in Mangal gram.

When we see positive change in the village we will activate second group.

Group 2

This group will be in the chairmanship of the Village Sarpanch. We will associate interns from good institutions to work with the group. We will request district administration to direct all village level employees to be members of the group.

The group will be responsible for following:-

Assessment of resources

The group will make assessment of resources in the village as following:-
  • Funds being allotted under various schemes of the state and centre government
  • Resource available in the village
  • Skills and capacity of the villagers
  • Group will also assess needs and aspirations of the villagers



Make a village development plan with consent of villagers; keeping in view the need and aspirations of the villagers within available resources. The plan will include both infrastructure and employment Group will also identify actions to improve physical, social and economic environment of village.

The plan prepared by group will be discussed in detail by the villagers and will be approved by the Gramsabha


Group will help villagers to make social audit of development activities.

Health Camps

We organize Health Camps. We focus on immunization, blood check-ups for identifying haemoglobin deficiency and identifying patients of TB, Diabetes, and Heart Diseases etc. We also focus on mother and child malnutrition and health problems of pregnancy and issues of adolescent girls.

Our aim is to generate awareness about issues related to mother and child malnutrition and spreading good health practices and hygiene among villagers.


  • Due to changing demography and socio economic structures we found that lot of our citizens are leading lonely lives especially the elderly. So in case of illness and emergency conditions many citizens need support of neighbour or other healthy citizens. There are many healthy people ready to support such people in need.
  • iTimba is an effort to address this need. We are trying to network the needy people with the willing person who is available to support such people in need.
  • This website provides facility, to network the person ready to help (giving time) with the person in need of help(time); both may register themselves on this website. The lonely persons (senior citizens) may get help in terms of time in following manner
    • In emergency or condition of illness.
    • In case of loneliness for socialization.
  • The citizens who need time and the citizens ready to provide time may register on our website accordingly. Our iTimba manager will connect them together.
  • The website will keep record of service providers and try to return when they need it on priority basis.
  • The website also provides facility at local level to create iTimba branch. The persons residing in the area may apply to work as iTimba manager after verification by the centre they will be permitted to organize iTimba activities and use the website. In case of more than one person is interested to work in iTimba branch in some location then one of them will be designated as coordinator manager.
  • The services of the persons giving time or working as iTimba manager will be duly recognized and felicitated.

Mirror of Goodness

  • There is a tendency in negative news to be underlined by the society and undue space given by newspapers and other media to the negative events. This has created a dampening atmosphere sometimes creating apprehension and fear in the society.
  • The situation is not as bad in fact it is entirely opposite. Under this initiative we are interested in capturing good acts happening in the society and spread them to recreate the realization of goodness.
  • The link of Mirror of Goodness on the website provides easy facility to the citizens to enter their act of Goodness on the website.
  • We know that in spite of increased use of internet many people will not be able to directly enter their acts of kindness or goodness. To register maximum act of goodness we need a call centre but we don’t have resources for it. Therefore we have planned a mobile based call centre.
  • Any person who has the skill to operate a computer and has access to computer may work choose to volunteer as per his convenience. He may get a slot suitable to his daily routine. He has to inform in advance on which day and time of week or month he would like to support us in this noble cause. We through the website will forward calls to the volunteers during the time of slot chosen by them. The volunteers must honestly be available at the time given by them to receive calls and enter the act on our website. The volunteers may also form groups on the website and help us together.
  • We will try to suitably recognize both the persons doing good work and volunteers.


The journey of mankind from early man to modern man has witnessed a lot of physical development and divisions in the world. The human problems are still similar.

After overcoming the issues of food, clothes, shelter basic health and water on major portion of the world mankind has been able to sustain plenty of food, create good transport system, good communication system, good health care, beautiful and clean houses but in spite of our undisputed common desires to achieve happiness, peace, cohesion, coexistence, cooperation and joy; the problem of sorrow, violence, jealousy, competition, cruelty, greed and stress all are increasing in the society.

We see significant role of knowledge in this voyage of development but we don’t know what it has done to the individual and society. We also don’t know its interplay between individual and society. We also don’t need evidence to prove that there is a deep relationship between individual and society.

Let’s join together to examine, investigate and see

  • What is self (I)
  • Man is the maker of the society and society makes the man. This is to say that You are the society and society is you.
  • Place of knowledge in transformation of functioning of human mind.


The programme of Introspection in nut shell is as following:-

  • Introspection is a programme of self learning on the basis of self enquiry, personal experience and realization and logic.
  • The process of learning in these programmes, is absolutely free from scientific, psychological and philosophical concepts or principles or beliefs.
  • The centre will provide an environment where participants may be able to make enquiry and learn. For enquiry and developing understanding we will use observation, seeing, negation of false, estimation, communication, experiencing, realization and sharing and logic but our main tool of learning is non verbal “Maun Dialogue”
  • For the beginning of Introspection it is necessary to be ready for change.
  • By simple observation it becomes obvious that our being has two parts, our physical body and our consciousness. We do not need any evidence or experimentation to see these two fold existence.
  • In normal parlance we describe our body and world as external part/being and our consciousness as internal part/being. It is common belief that internal and external being are two independent parts of our being. We will enquire and observe that whether in fact these are two separate part or integral part of one single whole being.
  • It is obvious that these two parts have different needs and for peace, needs of both the parts must be met. We will observe, enquire investigate and communicate on this in depth and understand how to bring harmony in these two parts.
  • During the process we will examine knowledge, thought and their impact on our life. We will also examine and understand meaning of being serious, being responsible, communication, listening, relationship, disorder of mind (man), I, world (sansar), desire, control, love, living and death. We will do it by questioning ourselves, applying logic and realization.
  • We don’t promise or commit that this process, you get any kind of joy, enjoyment, jubilation, bliss or pleasures but working with us, you will definitely get an experience which may pave the way for change in your life.

We believe that participants of this programme will be able to understand disorder of life and overcome them by developing their own suitable process.


People now a days, take decisions on the basis of convenience rather than conscience. One is working and deciding under pressure of family and society. One wants something and do something different. This makes life a struggle. The self-observation programme provides a tool to end this struggle. Under this programme we will learn methods of listening and understanding inner voice. We will also learn our needs and nature which will ultimately leads us to happiness.

Be the Support: Donate Time and Money

Infrastructure for the centre will be developed by the founders themselves. We know that centre can't be run on commercial lines or by ourselves. So we need encouragement, moral and financial support from the people, for running daily activities of the centre who believe and like the programmes of the centre. You can -

  • Join as an honorary member
  • Open account in iTimba Deposit time
  • Be the volunteer for Mirror of Goodness
  • Donate directly to the centre
  • Sponsor any of our initiatives
  • Mangal Gram
  • Health Camp
  • Interns
  • iTimba
  • Mirror of goodness