Initiation of inner change center

Mirror of Goodness

There is a tendency in negative news to be underlined by the society and undue space given by newspapers and other media to the negative events. This has created a dampening atmosphere sometimes creating apprehension and fear in the society.

The situation is not as bad in fact it is entirely opposite. Under this initiative we are interested in capturing good acts happening in the society and spread them to recreate the realization of goodness.

Initiation of inner change center

The link of Mirror of Goodness on the website provides easy facility to the citizens to enter their act of Goodness on the website.

We know that in spite of increased use of internet many people will not be able to directly enter their acts of kindness or goodness. To register maximum act of goodness we need a call centre but we don’t have resources for it. Therefore we have planned a mobile based call centre.

Any person who has the skill to operate a computer and has access to computer may work choose to volunteer as per his convenience. He may get a slot suitable to his daily routine. He has to inform in advance on which day and time of week or month he would like to support us in this noble cause. We through the website will forward calls to the volunteers during the time of slot chosen by them. The volunteers must honestly be available at the time given by them to receive calls and enter the act on our website. The volunteers may also form groups on the website and help us together.

We will try to suitably recognize both the persons doing good work and volunteers