Initiation of inner change center

Time bank

  • Due to changing demography and socio economic structures we found that lot of our citizens are leading lonely lives especially the elderly. So in case of illness and emergency conditions many citizens need support of neighbour or other healthy citizens. There are many healthy people ready to support such people in need
  • Time bank is an effort to address this need. We are trying to network the needy people with the willing person who is available to support such people in need.
  • This website provides facility, to network the person ready to help (giving time) with the person in need of help(time); both may register themselves on this website. The lonely persons (senior citizens) may get help in terms of time in following manner
  • In emergency or condition of illness
  • In case of loneliness for socialization
Initiation of inner change center
  • The citizens who need time and the citizens ready to provide time may register on our website accordingly. Our time bank manager will connect them together.
  • The website will keep record of service providers and try to return when they need it on priority basis
  • The website also provides facility at local level to create time bank branch. The persons residing in the area may apply to work as time bank manager after verification by the centre they will be permitted to organize time bank activities and use the website. In case of more than one person is interested to work in time bank branch in some location then one of them will be designated as coordinator manager
  • The services of the persons giving time or working as time bank manager will be duly recognized and felicitated.