Initiation of inner change center

Community Service : Internship

This internship programme is for students who are enrolled for some graduation course or completed graduation and further pursuing PG or Diploma course. This is our high priority program. The interns of the program will get opportunity to work for social development and learn in natural way human behaviour and life skills. In fact it is a win-win situation for both, the interns get practical experience in guidance of field practitioners and center get dedicated services from enthusiastic learners. The intern will also get opportunity to work on short term research assignment or development project. This will also help him acquire multi facet understanding of living and capacity development. The design of internship will help them in following aspects of life:-

a)Develop understanding of Human nature, behavior, sensitivity relationship and practical aspects of human needs

b)Learn process of implementing ideas, implementing ideas and identifying challenges and obstacles in implementation of ideas

c)Understand differences of idea and implementation

d)Develop necessary skills of living.

Initiation of inner change center

The interns are required to live in Village of selected tribal district preferably with some villager as paying guest. The center will help him to reach villager for this. During their stay in the village he has to:

  • Understand relationship among villagers and to work with them in guidance of trainers of the centre for creating harmony and cooperation among villagers.
  • Map available resources in the Village.
  • Prepare plan to fulfill aspirations of the villagers in available resources.
  • Do some physical or social measurable work to prove his worth and make relationship with villagers for long term.

The center is in touch with district administration and has taken assurances of help. The district administration will give necessary security, help access to Village and provide information related to government programmes.