Initiation of inner change center


The internship programme is our high priority programme. This is for students who are enrolled in graduation courses or have completed graduation and further pursuing PG or Diploma courses

The programme is run by three different name for 3 different duration and starts on five different dates as given ahead.

The interns of the program will get an opportunity to work for social development and learn in natural way human behaviour and life skills.

In fact it is a win-win situation for both, the interns will get practical experience in guidance of field practitioners and centre will get dedicated service from enthusiastic interns. The intern may also get an opportunity to work on short term research assignments or development projects.

This will also help them acquire multi facet understanding of living and capacity development. The design of internship will help them in various aspect of life aspects of life.

The internship will have following benefits:-

Initiation of inner change center
  • Develop an understanding of Human nature, behaviour, sensitivity relationship and practical aspects of human needs.
  • Understand human needs, desires and their impact on daily life.
  • Learn process of implementing ideas and identifying challenges and obstacles in implementation of an idea.
  • Understanding differences between ideas and its implementabilty.
  • Develop necessary skills of living.
  • Learn public policy of rural development and various aspects of it.
  • Opportunity to meet District Collector (District Magistrate) and many other senior officers of the state and district administration, understand problems with their point of view and learn from their experience A greater understanding of how the government machinery functions.
  • Get opportunity to participate in workshops and interactive sessions to enhance moral and ethical standards
  • Opportunity to observe and contribute to various government operations at ground-level reality
  • Handling multiple stakeholders with different priorities at once.

The interns are required to live in villages of selected tribal district preferably with some villagers as a paying guest. The centre will help reach them to the villagers.

The centre is in touch with district administration and has taken assurances of help. The district administration will give necessary security, help access to villages and provide information related to government programmes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For summer and winter internship programmes applicant must be enrolled in graduate/postgraduate/ doctoral course in any state, national and international academic institute in management, humanities and social sciences, technology, engineering and management streams and have keen interest in rural development, environmental conservation, natural resource.
  • For special internship programmes the applicants must be a pass out of or enrolled in IITs or IIMs or NITs reputed engineering and management institutions or well recognised institution of Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Have working knowledge of MS Office, research methods and software, GIS tools, data analysis software.
  • Good English and Hindi writing and communication skills.

Internship Period & Stipend

  • Summer internship of 10 weeks as per convenience of the intern between 1st April to 15th July seat 5.
  • Winter internship of 8 weeks as per convenience of the intern between 1st October to 15 of January seat 5.
  • Special intern ship of 6 month 1 seat in each sessions starting in January April July each year.
  • Interns of Summer and Winter internship programmes will8 be given a fixed stipend of Rs 5000/- per month.
  • Interns of special internship programmes will be given Rs 15000/- and free accommodation in Dindori.
  • The funds would, preferably, be released electronically through NEFT / RTGS after due verification of the work done by the intern at the assigned place and his stay in the field.
  • In exceptional cases, funds may be released through cheques in the favour of the intern. The account details shall be provided to IoIC in the prescribed format.
  • No medical claims will be entertained.
  • An intern can request maximum of two leaves in a month.

All the rules of civil code of conduct will be applicable during the internship tenure.

Application Process

  • Applications for internship progamme are accepted round the year.
  • Interested candidates may apply online for internship at this website
  • Following documents are required to be uploaded:-
    • Photo Graph
    • Recommendation later
    • Curriculum vitae (cv)
  • All the applications received will be reviewed for eligibility for IOIC internship programme and applicants will be intimated for personal interview etc.
  • On selection by the committee, the applicant will be offered internship at IOIC.
  • At the time of joining the intern need to bring recommendation letter, identity, Aadhar Card and bank details.

Nature of Internship Assignment

  • Interns will be given 5 days training of “Introspection” with specially designed sessions. During these sessions the interns will learn about being responsible, communication, disorder in daily life, relationship, fear, pleasure, desire, love, death and living.
  • Interns have to stay in the identified villages selected for them as paying guest with some villagers.
  • Understand relationship among villagers and to work with them in guidance of trainers of the centre for creating harmony and cooperation among villagers.
  • Interns will be asked to organize Self Observation sessions to create Social harmony in the villages.
  • Map available resources in the village.
  • Prepare plans to fulfill aspirations of the villagers within available resources.
  • Do some physical or social measurable work to prove their worth and make relationships with villagers for long term4.
  • Bi-weekly presentations: This’ll act as a grooming session for internees to talk in public and express their views clearly.
  • Getting to understand the system and do something about the loopholes rather than sit and blame.
  • Observing and interacting with several departments like health, education, skill development, manufacturing, companies, and economics, to name a few.
  • Short term Research or Project Assignments: Interns will be given chance to select Short-term Research or Project Assignments on subject of his/ her choice broadly related to rural development and natural resources management. (Public Policy for Rural Development)
  • Ongoing Project Activities: Activity may be planned for the intern under ongoing projects/programmes at IoIC depending on the skills and duration of internship.
  • Interns of Special internship programmes will be required to work in two villages to implement Mangal Gram project in addition to his short term Research or Project assignment.
  • Interns will also be given chance to interact senior administrators in service or retired and also field functionaries of the local government.

Important Internship Features

  • During the internship period at IoIC, the intern may have access to official information which will be treated as classified information and no part of it would be shared and used by the intern elsewhere without prior written permission of the organization.
  • The data collected, findings and all other outcomes of the Short-term Research Assignments undertaken by the intern will be treated as Intellectual Property. The copyright of the intellectual property will solely rests with the authors/co-authors (intern). However, IOIC reserves the right to use the knowledge and in larger public interest for non-commercial purpose.
  • This internship at IoIC does not claim or promises any kind of work term opportunity at IOIC on completion of internship.

Logistics and Support

  • The intern will be required to bring their own laptop systems.
  • Need to make their own arrangements for stay however centre will help them in identifying the accommodation.
  • The organization will provide work space in the office of the organization and will be given access to Wi-Fi internet connection and other relevant common services.

Internship Certificate and testimonials

  • On successful completion of IoIC internship, a certificate will be awarded to the intern jointly signed by the office bearer of IoIC and respective mentor.
  • The testimonials of the work of the interns will also be posted on the website of the centre.



My name is Chiranjeev Kishore currently working in Export Import Bank of India. Shri Manohar Dubey sir was my guide and mentor for my summer internship project titled “Ease of Doing Business in Madhya Pradesh”.

I feel extremely lucky that I got a mentor like him, who provided me an opportunity to learn and apply the theoretical business concepts in the real world. During the internship, he provided me with all the necessary support to meet various stakeholders in Bhopal as well as Indore so as to help me complete my summer project. Despite his busy schedule, sir was always there to guide me whenever I sought his advice on how to proceed further. His guidance helped me develop a 360° approach to any problem. I am very grateful for the guidance and mentorship provided by him which enabled me to complete my internship project at Bhopal.

His ideals have inspired me to make my contribution for the country. I am grateful to have found such an able mentor in my formative years which I shall forever cherish! Thank you so much sir!!!