Initiation of inner change center


The journey of mankind from early man to modern man has witnessed a lot of physical development and divisions in the world. The human PROBLEMS are still similar.

After overcoming the issues of food, clothes, shelter basic health and water on major portion of the world mankind has been able to sustain plenty of food, create good transport system, good communication system, good health care, beautiful and clean houses but in spite of our undisputed common desires to achieve happiness, peace, cohesion, coexistence, cooperation and joy; the problem of sorrow, violence, jealousy, competition, cruelty, greed and stress all are increasing in the society.

We see significant role of knowledge in this voyage of development but we don’t know what it has done to the individual and society. We also don’t know its interplay between individual and society. We also don’t need evidence to prove that there is a deep relationship between individual and society.

Let’s join together to examine, investigate and see

Initiation of inner change center
  • What is self (I)
  • Man is the maker of the society and society makes the man. This is to say that You are the society and society is you,
  • Place of knowledge in transformation of functioning of human mind.

The programme of Introspection in nut shell is as following:-

  • Introspection is a programme of self learning on the basis of self enquiry, personal experience and realization and logic.
  • The process of learning in these programmes, is absolutely free from scientific, psychological and philosophical concepts or principles or beliefs.
  • The centre will provide an environment where participants may be able to make enquiry and learn. For enquiry and developing understanding we will use observation, seeing, negation of false, estimation, communication, experiencing, realization and sharing and logic but our main tool of learning is non verbal “Maun Dialogue”
  • For the beginning of Introspection it is necessary to be ready for change.
  • By simple observation it becomes obvious that our being has two parts, our physical body and our consciousness. We do not need any evidence or experimentation to see these two fold existence.
  • In normal parlance we describe our body and world as external part/being and our consciousness as internal part/being. It is common belief that internal and external being are two independent parts of our being. We will enquire and observe that whether in fact these are two separate part or integral part of one single whole being.
  • It is obvious that these two parts have different needs and for peace, needs of both the parts must be met. We will observe, enquire investigate and communicate on this in depth and understand how to bring harmony in these two parts.
  • During the process we will examine knowledge, thought and their impact on our life. We will also examine and understand meaning of being serious, being responsible, communication, listening, relationship, disorder of mind (man), I, world (sansar), desire, control, love, living and death. We will do it by questioning ourselves, applying logic and realization.
  • We don’t promise or commit that this process, you get any kind of joy, enjoyment, jubilation, bliss or pleasures but working with us, you will definitely get an experience which may pave the way for change in your life.

We believe that participants of this programme will be able to understand disorder of life and overcome them by developing their own suitable process.