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Grief can be difficult to deal with, not only because of the pain it causes, but also because it is one of the most common, recurring and natural human emotions. But what ultimately can help us is appreciating our happy times.

If you feel that your grief is intensifying or increasing, and its source remains inexplicable then perhaps you should look for assistance who can guide in resolving it. An advice from a specialist is a simple option.

We respect your privacy, identity, feelings and concerns. Resolving your life`s issues will be our first responsibility and with an assurance that your happiness will be our primary remuneration

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Initiation of inner change center

What are the symptoms of depression?

Psychological symptoms:

  • When it feels pathetic. Grief is present for the day, but its intensity may vary. The condition lasts for weeks.
  • Disinterested in pleasure or even normal activities.
  • Dull or inefficient thinking, coupled with poor concentration, causes poor judgement or analysis.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Loss of appetite with excess weight.
  • Low libido.
  • Lethargic in spite of no physically activity.
  • Loss of sleep despite feeling exhausted. Sleep is usually restless and unsatisfactory with morning awakening (one to two hours earlier than normal). However, some people may actually sleep a lot more than normal.
  • Sluggish activity and speech.

Any one of these characteristics can serve as a warning sign of depression. Having at least five of these (psychological or physical) symptoms can be like suffering from depressive disorder. Nobody knows exactly what causes depression. It is clear that genetic factors are important in many cases of depression. Depression in families (as in other mood disorders) is caused by about 30% of genetic influences. Distressed life incidents play role in triggering or relieving depression.

Ongoing conflicts with others can have their impact on our welfare, such as other social and environmental stresses. Other important causes can be financial difficulties, retirement, unemployment, childbirth, loneliness, or loss of a close one. In vulnerable people, these unpleasant life events can be the cause of depressive illness.

Personality characteristics of a person's are an important factor too. When people are depressed, they usually have very negative attitudes about themselves and the world. They do not appreciate good things, and bad things seem overwhelming. Some people have a tendency to see things in this way, even if they are not depressed, apparently he has a depressed personality.

Another possible reason of depression could be physical illness and medication. Influenza, thyroid, hepatitis, diabetes, contraceptive pills, alcohol and other abusive drugs or other medication for high blood pressure and heart related problems , all of these could cause the symptoms of depression.