Initiation of inner change center

Honorary Member

Are you ready for change?

People in the world have myriad feelings. A large group of great personalities are busy with their daily routine and are indifferent to the current state of the world.

The second group is fully satisfied with its present condition. It is living a life of glory by taking advantage of his comparative superior status. . The third group is completely dissatisfied with its position and is waiting for a messiah or system change. These people consider themselves unfit to solve problems. They do not even consider themselves responsible for problems.

The fourth group is firm in its ideology is happy with its position and belief. This group does not feel the need for change or believes that no change is possible. Such a group is not ready even to discuss change.

There is another such group which is very active. It believes that there are many problems and is also taking action to solve the problems .It believes that there are many problems -of power, water, corruption, climate, brother nepotism. However, agitated for the solution this group is away from the root cause of the problem. This group plays the blame game which is a futile action anyway.

Initiation of inner change center

The next group, which is small, is not only concerned with problems and is also serious about improving it. This group holds itself accountable to the circumstances and is ready to change itself. If you belong to this group, you can become our partner. You are welcome to become our honorary member.