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  Health camp
District level 100,000.00 
Block level 50,000.00 
Village level 0.00 
  Mangal Gram
Aganwari break fast 1,500.00 
Aganwari one day festival Break fast lunch and sweets 10,000.00 
Clothes : Hand over to us (with Rs 500) 500.00 
Participant 6,000.00 
  Self Observation
Participant 1,500.00 
  Doctors on wheel
Nutritious food for distribution 1,000.00 
Medicines for distribution 1,000.00 
Transport Vehicle 3,500.00 
Honorarium per volunteer 10,000.00 
  Mirror of goodness
Honorarium per volunteer 10,000.00 
  General Support
General Support  
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