Initiation of inner change center

Mangal Gram

Mangal Gram is based on following concepts

  • A person can be happy only when he listens to his inner voice, make decisions on its basis and act accordingly
  • The inner voice a person can neither be obstacle to his inner and external growth nor lead him to wrong path.
  • It is true that for fulfilling happy life, external well being is necessary along with internal well being.

Now a days people are making decisions on the basis of convenience in place of conscience resultantly there are sign of stress and tension both in the society and individuals. It is also effecting adversely the physical growth.

We believe that man may become capable of taking decisions on the basis of listening of inner voice by practice and understanding.

After it becomes habit of majority of people in a society, positive change is inevitable in the society.

It is important to note that internal wellbeing does not stop or hinders physical and external development but internal development helps remove obstacles of physical development and fastens it.

On the basis of above concepts it is resolved to implement Mangal Village Project with the active support moral and financial support of people desiring holistic development of the society.

To implement Mangal gram project two groups will be formed:-

Group 1

In group one, 5 to 10 young or energetic middle aged people of the village will be selected who -

  • Has positive thinking
  • Are Creative
  • Are acceptable to villagers

The responsibility of this group is, that its member first will bring positive change in themselves by practising “Self-Observation (inner listening). For this the group member will be given training of Self-Observation. The training will be given by energetic trained Anandam Sayogis of RaS in guidance of seasoned stalwart of IoFC.

After the training the group member will them selves practice Alpviram and try to inculcate first of all following attributes:-

  • Gratitude
  • Relationship
  • Emotion
  • Awareness
  • Trust
  • Forgiveness Fear
  • Resilience
  • Acceptance
  • Meaning (purpose)
  • Exercising/ Health
  • Giving
  • Empathy
  • Learning listening and love

After absorbing above attributes they will try to transmit them to villagers with the help of Self-observation

We will try that all people’s representatives and government employees also make self observation.

When we see positive change in the village we will activate second group.

Group 2

This group will be in the chairmanship of the Village Sarpanch. We will associate interns from good institutions to work with the group. We will request district administration to direct all village level employees to be member of the group.

Assessment of resources

This group will make assessment of resources in the village as following:-
  • Funds being allotted under various schemes of the state and centre government
  • Resource available in the village
  • Skills and capacity of villagers
  • Group will also assess needs and aspirations of the villagers


Make a village development plan with consent of villagers, keeping in view the need and aspirations of the villagers within available resources the plan will include both infrastructure and employment. Group will also identify action to improve physical social and economical environment of village.


Group will help villagers to make social audit of development activities. The interns will be kept changing but the first group of intern will stay in the village and assess resources and make plan as above. The plan prepared by group will be discussed in detail by the villagers and will be approved by the Gramsabha .