Initiation of inner change center

About us

The journey of development from early man to modern man has witnessed a lot of physical development but the human problems are still same.

There are now good roads good transport system good communication system good health services beautiful and clean houses but in the society the problem of sorrow violence jealousy competition cruelty greed and stress all are increasing. It is in spite of our desire to be happy peaceful cohesive cooperative and joyful.

We see significant role of knowledge in this voyage of development. We in the center aim to study and understand this role of knowledge and examine the place of knowledge in changing the functioning of human mind and begin the change.

There is no need of evidence to the fact that there is deep relationship between human and society. The man is the maker of the society and society makes man. We can easily say that man is the society and society is the man but no body finds him self responsible for disorders of the society, every body says that the politicians, bureaucrats social leaders traders industrialists social structures and administrative structures are Responsible. We could easily observe that for change in the society is possible only when each of us changes . Thus the change will begin in the society when every one in the society begins change. If the individual puts condition that changes must occur in the society or others before he changes then change in the society is not possible.

Initiation of inner change center

This center on the basis of above observations wants to run programmes of change in man with your support. Our programmes will neither be based on any philosophy process principle nor we will support any specific philosophy, process or principle. We will also not force or lure you to adopt any specific process principle or philosophy.


Accomplished in their lives, the founder and administrative members of the centre have joined hands to fulfil their philanthropical urge. This centre is registered under M.P Society Registration Act 1973. This is a non-profit making organisation and the information about the Founder members can be drawn under the head - About Us.

Our centre's under construction building in Dindori district, M.P has amenities and ambiance conducive to accommodate 35+ participants for our residential programme.